Unlike many conventional meat products, beef jerky can be enjoyed almost anywhere without fear people looking at you funny or being judgmental.

So you’ve got “that someone” who is impossible to buy for….you’ve tried it all when it comes to something new and fresh for the stocking stuffers….scratch tickets, mini bottles of pricey Scotch, gift cards, pocket knives… even an electric toothbrush.  Nothing makes them smile.  Sometimes it takes something a little over the top to make people like that grin uncontrollably…like cramming their stocking full of meat…Premium, All Natural, Antibiotic free, Hormone Free, Shelf Stable Angus MEAT.  Ladies…if your guy doesn’t like meat, odds are you’ve got a defective model and you can probably find a new one at most any local watering hole any given evening.  There is a pretty good chance you’ll get a nice gift if you trade up this close to Christmas, so it might be the right time for a change up, especially if your current model is not a meat eater…

Lucky® Beef Jerky is the perfect stocking stuffer solution for anyone and everyone.  Unlike many conventional meat products, beef jerky can be enjoyed almost anywhere without fear people looking at you funny or being judgmental.  Judgmental people suck.  Ever try eating a medium/rare New York Strip on the subway??  We thought so. Nobody will bat an eye at a bag of jerky tho… keeping a ribeye in your gym bag for post workout protein loading is savage for sure, but it isn’t a great idea…botulism and other food borne illness can cause serious problems if fresh meat isn’t kept frozen or refrigerated….but jerky is cooked and can be stored virtually anywhere without fear of spoiling and with almost 25 grams of protein per 3oz bag…its one of the best post workout foods on the planet.  Lucky® Beef Jerky also has less sodium than many other jerky products, but it’s far from “low sodium” – but if you’re sweating and working hard…you need sodium.  But, if you’re looking for All Natural beef sticks with lower sodium, check out our Fruitango sticks.  We make them with 20% dehydrated fruit and 80% lean beef.  The taste and texture aren’t like a conventional beef stick, but you’ll feel energized after eating them.

Jerky isn’t just for muscle heads and skinny-jean wearing hipsters.  Jerky is a food that’s as old as time and it’s still around because it is a legitimately great way to store a food for an extended period of time.  Jerky makes an EXCELLENT lunch on the go or emergency food for the “winter pack” in the trunk of the car and is probably already in all of the pepper’s “go bags”…but if you’re a prepper and you don’t have jerky in your go bag….shame on you.  Jerky is also perfect for men (and women) who like to hunt for more meat.  Protein takes energy to digest and it generates a lot of energy in the process – jerky keeps you going and the prep work is done.  Stick to the ribs meals are good, but jerky is performance fuel and will keep you going whatever challenge you are conquering.

Lucky® Beef Jerky is made from All Natural (Antibiotic free, Hormone free) cattle that are raised in Nebraska.  These cattle are raised from birth to be the best beef on the market.  We just take things a couple steps further than most producers and turn our beef into steaks and jerky.  We do this because we sincerely believe that we’re able to do it better than the folks who are mass producing the stuff you find in convenience stores and such.