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Why is Beef Jerky so Expensive

Decades ago, beef jerky was a special treat that only a few of the gas stations at the time carried. It wasn’t as plentiful or popular as it is now. One big, dominant beef jerky producer from Wisconsin changed all that…good for them, seriously, that’s the American...

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How to Make Your Own Jerky

by Steven Johnson So you’ve got a dinner party coming up and you need a break from traditional hors d’oeuvres. Try something that will knock peoples socks off! Beef Jerky is probably something that makes the list of “common” hors d’oeuvres but it should. If you’re...

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The Ultimate Hot & Spicy Beef Jerky

There is no denying that Texas Pete hot sauce is one of the strongest brands in the hot sauce market. It has a smoky and bold flavor with just the right amount of heat. We harnessed that flavor in our premium, All Natural Beef Jerky to create what we believe is the...

Texas Pete Spicy Jerky
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The Perfect Stocking/Face Stuffer

Unlike many conventional meat products, beef jerky can be enjoyed almost anywhere without fear people looking at you funny or being judgmental. So you’ve got “that someone” who is impossible to buy for….you’ve tried it all when it comes to something new and fresh...

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Beef Jerky Recipe

Our passion for good ol' homemade beef jerky is what drove us to forming Lucky® Beef Jerky. We understand the DIY spirit and in light of that we would like to share one of our beef jerky recipes. For this recipe we will be making Slab Jerky, aka muscle jerky, which...

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Maximizing Jerky Shelf Life

Why does beef jerky exist? Why does any dried or dehydrated product exist? There are a couple reasons, but the main one is to increase the amount of time that product is still able to be consumed safely. It seems like a lot of people equate products like jerky or...

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Rolling your own

Lots of people make their own jerky…but there are a lot of folks who are scared of making jerky.  We’re going to dive into this topic to dispel some of the myths about cure, proper cooking (heat treating) and seasoning. Making a batch of jerky is easier than making...